Technical Detail Page

Pump: Innovative and Reliable

Putzmeister concrete pumps with the S-Valve are continually setting new world records in vertical and horizontal delivery. For example, in 1994 at Riva del Garda in Italy concrete was pumped vertically over 1,745-feet (532m), or a pump height of 1,990-feet (606m) at the Burj Khalifa job site. Even in these cases both machines and accessories were not operating at their limits, Putzmeister pumps can be counted on to perform reliably on demanding projects around the world.

With high delivery pressures up to 1,855 psi (130 bar), and maximum delivery outputs of up to 238 yd³/h (182m³/h), Putzmeister pumps are ideally suited for all concreting tasks.

Ideal for high pressure applications, our Big Mouth S-Valve effortlessly handles extremely harsh concrete mixes. It's huge 9-inch (230mm) intake opening provides a superior filling rate, while the long and controlled reduction of the S-Valve ideally forms the concrete for pumping.

Specific details such as durable delivery pistons, hard-chromed material cylinders and the S-Valve system ensure that all machines are able to withstand long periods of intensive use.

Mode of operation

  1. The low lying remixer paddle pushes the concrete directly in front of the cylinder openings
  2. Two powerful and fast-switching switch cylinders  move the S-Valve back and forth in front of the large cylinder openings, thus releasing the pressure and intake openings alternately.
  3. Depending on the position of the S-Valve the concrete is being pulled into a cylinder or pushed through the delivery pipeline.



Optimum leak-proof delivery system